It wasn't an intended career direction, but one thing led to another. I've enjoyed it immensely and learned a lot from the people I've been blessed to work with. 


Crosscraft Commercials

Of course playing the bad cop in a comedy is fun!


Porn the Musical
was more fun than I can ever possibly describe. I had a fantastic time with the creators, cast and crew. Make all the jokes you want. We certainly did.


First run:

The Times Weekender, 28 March, 2009

Second run:

The Malta Independent

Third run (Edinburgh Fringe Festival):

4 Stars Edinburgh Evening News, 26 August 2009 (Second half of article),
"David Ellul steals the show"

4 Stars Broadway World, 14 August, 2009
"David Ellul is uncannily magnetic"

4 Stars Remote Goat

Top Pick list for the Fringe What's on Stage

All The Festivals Only 3 Stars, but it still strokes my ego.
"David Ellul is one of the finest singers in the cast and he’s certainly the most engaging comedy actor. He plays the part of Dr. Johnny Long, a supernaturally well-endowed porn star, with great energy, charisma and comic timing." 

5th Run 

Times of Malta

Videos for 'PHD'

This is from the second weekend of the first run. What almost no one knew was that I was crazy sick, with a horrible case of strep throat, and was still walking with a cane from a leg injury (see below). Acting!!! :-)



The audio in this next video is from the album that was produced with the first run of the show. There were a series of slides playing on a very large screen behind us while we were all singing and dancing to Dr. Johnny's introduction song. This video is an adaptation of those slides. Max Dingli, who played the lead character of Stephan Bugeja is the creative genius who put it all together. 


Buy the Album from 'Porn the Musical'

It's a great album and lots of fun to listen to.
Help support the creators of this play (I'm not one of them) by purchasing the songs.

From CD Baby
From iTunes


Secret Bridesmaids' Business

Times of Malta

Our rehearsal commercial ;-)

Another fantastic experience. I can't seem to find much on the web about it other than this Hairspray The Musical - PreviewThere is a video from a dress rehearsal included.

Well, at least my name is in the screen credits :P
I had a speaking line with Max Minghella, "Let's get out while we can". I actually broke my leg running in during this scene, just before my line. A ruptured Achilles tendon. I insisted on finishing things, not finding out until the next day how serious it was. I can't help but mention that I never saw a cent of insurance money from this (boooo!!), and it led to a fairly difficult time afterwards. Since I've not actually been able to find the scene I was in I'm guessing it ended up on the cutting room floor. Maybe it will show up in the extended directors cut ;-)
As for my leg....


Other Stuff
This that and then some. I've been a background extra in various things over the years. Maybe you'll see me in a rerun ;)