Recovery III


Recovery III - David Ellul

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Recovery II


Recovery II - David Ellul

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About Recovery II and III
Recover II and Recovery III are the continuation of the Recovery series. To be blunt, these two albums were a nightmare to finish, but well worth the effort. I had actually recorded over 3 albums worth of material in one month long session. There was quite some time from the recording phase before I had a chance to start editing. When i did start I was shocked to discover that all of the recordings were damaged, to use a non technical term. I didn't want to let the project go though, as there were some truly great performances. I'm sad to say over a third of the recordings proved unusable in the end. In between other projects spanning several years, and after much blood sweat and tears, the albums are finally finished. I have to say I am very proud of them and amazed at what I've accomplished. Even after all the mind numbing time spent listening to them during production I still really enjoy listening to the finished product. I believe this is a very odd thing for a musician. I love these CDs. I hope you do too. 



  Will be available for sale again soon. Unfortunately the album has been temporarily removed due legal technicalities.

About "Recovery"
All of these songs were studio recorded live in January 2006. 
Naming this album 'Recovery' really is just a play on words, but no one seems to get that (I grin as I type). It's an album of cover songs (reCOVERy). I've been making my living playing these songs, and many more, for years now. It seemed such a shame not to have some kind of record of the way they have mutated in my hands. I didn't see much point in lush arrangements and over done production, partly because they've already been done so well that way. One thing that I can do, better than anyone else in the world, is just be me; sing the songs my way, with my voice, with my guitar playing. There is an interplay between voice and guitar that I'm still working on. A subtlety that can't be captured with multi-track recording techniques. Of course the song choices have been influenced by two main factors. What I like, and what people like. It's worked out well over these years of busking, pub and stage shows.


The Unplugged Living Room Sessions

The Unplugged Living Room Sessions - David Ellul

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About 'The Unplugged Living Room Sessions' 
All tracks recorded live Nov. 27 - Nov 29 2002. The point is not to hide. Sharing is so much better. I think it was Neil Young, on some charity save the world recording, and someone please correct me if I'm wrong. In response to a producer who stated that his singing was flat on the last take, Neil said "That's my style, man!" And that was the end of that ;-)

This is clipped from the last page of the album booklet:
This Album was recorded in my apartment. Engineered, mixed, produced, mastered, sweated and bled over, entirely by me, without a clue, on a wing and a prayer, using a Pentium 2 and a couple of microphones. Absolutely no pitch correction tools or other ridiculous magical studio tricks were used. Hell, I didn't even use a metronome, though I probably should have ;-)

All of these songs were written by me unless otherwise noted (See lyrics page)