The Unplugged Living Room Sessions

David Ellul

Acoustic Rock, Singer / Songwriter with a little blues, heavy metal and flamenco thrown in.


All tracks recorded live Nov. 27 - Nov 29 2002. The point is not to hide. Sharing is so much better. I think it was Neil Young who said this while recording for some charity save the world type song (someone please correct me if I'm wrong about this). In response to a producer who stated that his singing was flat on the last take, Neil said "That's my style man!" And that was the end of that ;-)

This is clipped from the last page of the album booklet

"This Album was recorded in my apartment. Engineered, mixed, produced, mastered, sweated and bled over, entirely by me, without a clue, on a wing and a prayer, using a Pentium 2 and a couple of microphones. Absolutely no pitch correction tools or other ridiculous magical studio tricks were used. Hell, I didn't even use a metronome, though I probably should have ;-)"



Independent singer-songwriter David Ellul has put a living room session to CD and the resulting tossed salad of tunes is an impressive no frills mod-folk recording that reeks of Bruce Cockburn, 3-chord Gord, Greg MacPherson and "the answer is blowing in the wind". The Unplugged Living Room Session is a pretty, honest and bare bones recording. Ellul's talent is held up to the light as he plays a set of original tunes mixed in with a couple of well chose covers: the Who's "Behind Blue Eyes", Mr. Young's "Keep on Rocking" and BB King's classic "The Thrill is Gone". Ellul's sound in that of the invisible downtown subway and street corner acoustic guitar singer/songwriter busker. His playing is plain, well thought out and his song writing is clever. On this recording's opening track, "Shine On" Ellul introspectively moans "Again I stare / Into the gem of fate / Facets reflect my state / The future's vain / The past is gone / In the center I remain"

By L Pounds Dec 23, 2004

Hey Dave,

I'll keep this short and sweet. I picked up your album last week and gave it a listen. Two words: Fxxxxn SWEET man Fxxxxn sweet. Catch yah later.


I saw you on speakers corner man, you rock.


I know that you sound good - don't need a newspaper to tell me that.

I knew you sounded good when I first caught your voice. That was why I wanted to do a duet. Keep on it - it's going to happen for you!



I directed a couple of my friends to your website, and more recently (took a trip to sam the record man yesterday) have been playing your cd to a few who swooned at the media clips on the site.

And as good as your cd sounds (I Loved it, frankly) you are infinitely better now; whether that is because you've two years more refined a sound now, or because you enchant better live, I'll never know. But I really wanted a couple of my nearest and dearest to get an earful.

So I wait eagerly for notice on your next gig.


hi, my name is sharon. i just wanted to know if the guy i saw in city tv (speaker's corner) was you. If it was it was you i want you to know that i love the way you sang.



I'd like to be kept posted about your performance times/dates.

I saw you on Speaker's Corner(a repeat I'm sure) and it's been a while since I was impressed with such raw talent. So naturally I tracked down any info about when and where you play on Google(thank god for google). If you find time, let me know where I can grab an album. I'm a few hours from Toronto, but I promise we'll make it down for a show-I know we won't be dissapointed.

Anyhoo, Keep it up, and your head looks great shaved = )

One more thing- When(i said when not if)you make it big, don't forget who you are and where you're from.

Thanx for makin' this gal smile tonight = )


"Hi David,

just wanted to say that I'm really impressed by your music. I'm one of the watchers of Speakers Corners that actually did follow up on going on your page... by the way, the shaved head is much better :-)"

"Just wanted to you encourage you and let you know that you are doing it the right way. You've got a lot of talent and hopefully many more people will recognize it in the future... That's all I wanted to let you know."


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